Metal anchors - PECOL - The experts' choice

Metal anchors

As a company specialised in fixing systems, Pecol has a wide range of metal plugs. For all types of applications and applicators.

Avaliable Range: Brass Anchor PCL 700; Impact Anchor PCL 752; Wedge Anchor PCL 753; Metallic Anchot PCL 764; Expansion Anchor PFG PCL 782; Expansion Anchor Zamack PCL 783; Expansion Anchor 4 Segments PCL 784/5/6/7/8; Expansion Anchor HD PCL 790; Zamack Anchor for PlasterBord PCL 504; Metallic Anchor for PlaserBord PCL 750; Bucha com Mola Basculante PCL 762; FIX PLADUR TORPEDO Anchor PCL 519;