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PECOL PowerTools

Pecol Powertools was born based on the needs of the most demanding professionals. Combining the latest technologies with new engineering solutions – Smart Technology by Pecol – and the best materials and manufacturing processes, we build sturdy electrical tools and cordless tools that effectively respond to different types of use.


Smart Technology by Pecol focuses on the critical points of performance and resistance of each power tool (work intensity, vibrations, dust pressure and residues, etc.) and brings together the most technologically advanced solutions, which offer high-level performance and maximum robustness and reliability, for demanding professionals seeking maximum performance.

For more than 3 years, the Pecol Research and Development Center, supported by a vast team of multidisciplinary technicians and experienced professionals, has worked hard to build a line of highly robust, reliable and surprising professional power tools.


All of them are subjected to real tests of use by accredited professionals and the results could not be more stimulating – tested and approved with distinction by the professionals.

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